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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon

To those sleeping under a rock since 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been the biggest cinema phenomenon for the past 10 years. The company that managed to sink such a hole it sold off its most profitable characters in the 90's has risen to become possibly the most profitable movie studio in history. Spanning 21 movies, 24 major heroes, two separate recasts (Terrance Howard and Edward Norton probably regret that now), billions of dollars in box office gross and a half dead cast (spoilers!), it all culminates into Avengers: Endgame, releasing in theaters in six days from publication of this blog post.

So, naturally, I'm going to do the psychotic fan thing and rewatch every movie before that Thursday night showing. Now, let's go over some notes of these blog posts/review:

1. They will not be complete reviews. They will have some review aspects, and I'll end the marathon with a formal review of Endgame, but don't expect full reviews of the films, more so jumbled thoughts about each one.

2. I will not be watching the movies in order. Disney+ doesn't launch til November, so there's no easy place to watch every single movie, so it's easier for me to watch the movies I own/have access to on Netflix first, then track down the other films.

3. Most of these posts will have at least one moment of "wow look at this and how it compares to now!" because that's just how these movies are. Be prepared for that.

4. There will be spoilers in these posts. Obviously for the majority of these movies that won't matter, but I know not everyone has seen Captain Marvel, so be warned especially for that one that all posts will have spoilers. Some may have bigger spoilers than others but I'd like to assume you all are reading this having seen all the movies.

Now, pray for my sanity, and happy watching!

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