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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Thor: The Dark World

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Iron Man 2 is the worst movie in the franchise, but this movie is definitely the most boring. Also, did you remember the Avengers exist and fought in New York? Because this movie will continue to remind you of that!

Continually, we're reminded that Loki is the best part of these movies because there isn't much else to like about this movie. Tom Hiddleston has mastered the role of smug trickster at this point and really shows how much better he can make every other movie. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is attractive to look at, so it's not the absolute worst.

The biggest positive of both Thor movies too is the design of Asgard. We get to actually explore this world more than the last film and every shot is gorgeous. It feels like the land of the gods and even has some heavenly inspiration to it.

But who cares about any of that when the story is putting you to sleep? The introduction of the Aether is the only important thing in this movie as it is the Reality Stone. But nothing else is of interest. The conflict between the Asgardians and the Dark Elves isn't well explained so when they go to war against each other again, it's confusing why they're fighting. On top of that, the Dark Elves' plan is vague so their plan for world domination doesn't make too much sense. It's just nearly 2 hours of confusion.

I've mentioned how entertaining Loki is, but I think what truly makes him entertaining is the fact that he's the only character that has personality. No one else in this movie does anything besides mope around and get angry. There's more emotions than that. Natalie Portman in particular is beyond disinteresting in this film. She may be infected by the Aether but I didn't think a side effect of that is showing no emotion.

The Dark Elves, specifically their leader Malekith aren't the worst villains, but they're probably the least memorable for the reasons explained above. Marvel has never been good at one-off villains, but when you don't explain the motivation for taking over the world, it's hard to really care if the heroes defeat them or not.

At least now that this is over, the only "bad" film I have left is the first Thor. But before I get to that, we're gonna skip to the original Avengers to give myself some treats for slogging through all the trash today. So don't trust your adopted brother, and happy watching!

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