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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Thor: Ragnarok

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During this marathon, I purposefully try to package the boring/bad movies with those from Phase 3, because this is when the MCU finally realized their movies are profitable no matter what they do, so they can get take more creative risks and still have profit. So naturally, they decide now to make a good Thor movie by giving the reins to a director with only indie films to his name.

Thor: Ragnarok is a film that for many reason should not work. It fires off jokes every minute, they spend most of the time away from Thor's home world, they even kill most things we know about Thor, from his usual companions, to his father, to his hammer, to his hair, to his left eye. There's such a big change from the previous films in terms of tone, but that's what this franchise needs. Like I stated in my Thor review, the reason the previous two films haven't worked is because they try to take the magic of Asgard and Thor and base it in reality. But Asgard is a nuts place, so it should be treated as such. This is something Guardians of the Galaxy does too that helps to better explain the world but still lets it be psychedelic and crazy.

For the fourth and final time (since I can't really say much about him in Infinity War), I gotta sing my praises of Tom Hiddleston because he's STILL on top of his game. So excited to see his solo Disney+ series when that premieres. But the true star of this has to be newcomer Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. She's a bigger alcoholic than Tony Stark, a better kick ass fighter than Natasha, and easily the funniest side-kick out of any of the solo films. She's troubled, trying to forget her past, but still knows what she wants. If her Avengers: Endgame poster is accurate and she is set to star in it, I can't wait to see her team up with the rest of the team, and more importantly, I'm so excited she gets to be in another movie!

This film is an acid trip and a half, but in the best way. The crew on every end has to be praised for this. The design of Sakaar, Valkyrie, Grandmaster and Hela's costumes, the effects with the Bifrost, Hulk, Korg and the final battle, the music, the lighting, I could go on for days. So much love and detail went into every scene, costume, note, light, and prop in this film. It's so obvious how much fun it must of been on set while filming this.

Taika Waititi truly made something great with this. He gives Thor the magical world he deserves, making the character a cocky hero who still has the humility he's learned over his past movies. He brings to life supporting characters who has drive and passion, while still feeling grounded and real. He balances the action with dramatic, while also firing a million jokes a moment in all forms of comedy.

There's so much more to be said about this movie but really it's all been said before. This movie is just great fun all around, and easily the best Thor film. Since he makes a cameo in this film and he's the other Avenger who loves his magic, makes sense that my next film to watch is Doctor Strange. So join the Revengers and happy watching!

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