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Beth’s Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Thor

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At least Marvel mastered how to make a good origin story in Phase 3! Plus they learned how to make a good Thor movie then too. But if I wanna watch all 21 films, I gotta slog through the God of thunder’s first film.

The issue with both Thor and Thor: The Dark World is they focus too much on the science part without balancing it out with comedy. There’s also a minimal amount of action compared to other MCU films in this one. This is the most complicated of the origin films as there is a lot of rules to establish with Asgard and the 9 realms. Clearly we know it’s possible to have a good balance as Thor: Ragnarok is amazing.

Thor‘s arc in this film has been overplayed before in more traditional comedy films, but it’s interesting to see a hero literally get stripped of his powers and have to earn them back. Chris Hemsworth is definitely a great fit for the character, playing him with the dickish charm as he grows up.

I said this about the other two films he stars in and I’m going to say it again in regards to Thor: Ragnarok, but man is Tom Hiddleston a master at playing a trickster. He is a man who is willing to do what it takes to show the tragic loss he felt when he was kidnapped by Odin from his family. He becomes greedy thanks to the power, wanting to take revenge on his father for never showing him the same love he showed Thor. There’s so much nuance to Loki and the majority of it comes from Tom Hiddleston’s performance.

The design of Asgard is stunningly gorgeous. It feels like the land of Gods, with other-worldly architecture and colorful magic in every scene. Thor is suppose to have such grandeur and magnificence to his character since he is an immortal being, and it’s captured perfectly while in Asgard.

On the other end though, any scene on Earth feels so slow and boring. Even when Thor is being funny since he doesn’t get Earth customs, the comedy feels so forced. Like the writers knew the scenes were getting boring so they had to add something extra in. The town literally looks like it was built only for this film and feels fake because of it.

There’s pieces of a good film here, but unfortunately they fail to come together. At least Taiki Waititi gets it right! So why not go to the color filled acid trip that is Thor: Ragnarok next? Remember to be worthy and happy watching!

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