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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - The Incredible Hulk

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It's so weird to watch this movie after getting to know Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. Ed Norton's version feels like a guy who does yoga and is about an all natural life style that he started for health reasons. He doesn't even feel like a scientist.

This movie definitely has the aspects of the MCU films, but it's a bit different than the other films. If anything, I'd compare this to Spiderman: Homecoming in the way that it just jumps into the character and just sets him up to exist in this universe. We get a quick origin story, nothing in depth, jumping right in to establish where the character is and how he'll contribute to the bigger picture. He gets his one-off villain to fight in this story, while also dealing with a character who plays a big picture in the whole universe.

Thunderbolt Ross has never been my favorite character, but seeing him as this villain mad because his subject changed his mind about his powers is intriguing. He's mad because he wasted his resources on a man who doesn't want these powers, yet he goes and uses them on another subject hoping he'll be able to bring Bruce Banner in. He's even willing to alienate his own daughter since she's helping the man he's chasing down. Though not the first character to go to such extremes, he's the most unique case because he's suppose to be on the side of the bad guys since he's working with SHIELD.

Out of all the love interests from Phase 1, Betsy Ross has to be the most unfairly treated one. I know this isn't Liv Tyler's performance, but I like her better than Gwyneth Paltrow. Her dad literally keeps showing up yet she is never mentioned again in any of these films. She even gets replaced by Black Widow as Bruce's love interest! It's not like she's incompetent, she is a scientist and a college professor. She just doesn't have anything to do in this film besides be Bruce's emotional support. Liv Tyler deserves way better. At LEAST just recast her as someone in a future film and let her back into the universe.

Also, this is an unfair complaint because it's 2008 but man does the Hulk's design suck. It's too realistic, causing him to feel inhuman, and there's too many textures going on which makes the lighting on him look off at times. But hey, if this is what it took to get the Hulk we have now, so be it.

This is definitely the weakest origin movie, but it's still better than Iron Man 2. Speaking of, we're gonna sink even further down this hole and watch that next. So drink some contaminated Brazilian soda and happy watching!

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