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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - The Avengers

Read up on my marathon rules here

Again, completely forgot how good this movie is until I rewatched it again. I know everyone's favorite Marvel movies are mostly Phase 3 movies, but there's some hidden gems among the Phase 1 and 2 movies. I forgot how awesome this movie is.

After 5 movies building up to the epic team up, we were gifted with this, the high profile superhero team movie we all dreamed of. This movie was such a big deal when it first came out, combining all these heroes together into one film, working against a common enemy. Who knew it could become so much bigger?

There's a LOT to love about this movie. First off, it's easily the most quotable/memorable film. Every little moment is something special. From's Cap's bet with Fury that he lost, to the Gattaga guy, to the shawarma scene, there's so many iconic moments. But not all the moments are specifically funny either. There's Banner revealing he's always angry and going full Hulk taking down the giant monster, Black Widow kicking ass during her interrogation, when Loki transforms into the horned helmet, that beautiful group shot that everyone constantly used until the Avengers grew bigger than just the original six. The fact that there's still several other moments that I haven't listed just proves how many moments, story essential, more character based or even just pure comedic moments there are to enjoy. It's insane to think the same guy who wrote The Incredible Hulk helped Joss Whedon create this world.

In this movie in particular, everyone is perfectly cast. Other films have moments where the characters stray from who they are, but in this film it feels like these actors are just the characters themselves. We already know how well Robert Downey Jr and both Chrises fit their roles, but Scarlett Johansson feels like a Russian spy who conceded to the other side, Jeremy Renner actually feels like he fits on the team even if all he has is a bow and arrow, and Mark Ruffalo brings the scientific side of Bruce Banner that previous incarnations have been missing. Enough has been said about Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and I really don't have anything else to add too. And although I discussed this in my post about Thor: The Dark World, but Tom Hiddleston is just spectacular as Loki.

This movie needed to have a serious tone to it because of the world it was trying to imply, a world where aliens and all kinds of other-worldly creatures were starting to invade Earth. But of course with Tony Stark and Hawkeye on this team, it couldn't be too serious. Joss Whedon did the world a favor by bringing his unique sci-fi/fantasy talents to this franchise and bringing the team together on the big screen. He gives us enough quippy comedy to be able to have a good laugh, without lowering the stakes at all. If only he didn't have so many expectations on him in Age of Ultron, so he could just bring the magic again.

If people ask what makes the MCU special, this is truly the film to explain that. Though this is definitely not Marvel's best film, it is the film that captures the MCU best. It shows the action and intense stakes, while giving us the quippiness and excitement we need to keep going. So why not keep the momentum going and pick another film that does this well?

Check back later for my post on Black Panther, but for now, enjoy some shawarma and happy watching!

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