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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Say what you will about how this compares to the other Spider-Man movies, but it's hard to argue against the fact that Tom Holland is the perfect Peter Parker. It's not just his age, he's the awkward nerdy kid Peter is without being fake awkward. He feels like the most authentic teenager. Peter isn't suppose to be a lanky tall guy with a stutter who skates, or a guy with awkward cry face who is good at everything. He's suppose to be a science geek who got stuck with superpowers who's biggest problem is trying to figure out how he fits into his world.

Maybe that's helped by Jon Watts desire to turn this into a John Hughes tribute. Peter's experiences feel authentic but also glamorized, there's definitely an 80's feel to the whole film even though it takes place in 2016, and the mix of physical and sarcastic comedy fits with this Spider-Man. Even the high school, even though it's a special science focused school, has pieces and moments that anyone can relate to. Watts built the perfect vehicle to bring Spider-Man into the MCU.

In a lot of these films, the SFX are overdone to the point where they feel fake, but since the only three main things that have effects on them are the Vulture, Iron Man and Peter's suit, it doesn't feel overdone. The design of all of them is simplified yet fits each character. Even the bigger pieces, like the Washington Monument explosion and the ferry disaster work without overdoing the effects. Nothing feels cartoony or too unnatural, it feels natural to the situation involved.

Michael Keaton is just an amazing actor, but the car scene with the traffic light might just be one of the best villain speeches in history. This is top notch Keaton acting. Although the twist is a bit predictable since every Spider-Man villain has some personal connection to Peter, it doesn't take away from how great the Vulture is as a villain.

The only thing that's outlandish is the way everyone in Peter's life handles his flakiness and random actions. This is a bit nit-picky, but even with how ridiculous Peter acts towards everyone in his life, there are no repercussions held against him. Any normal kid who blew off a national competition would quickly be expelled from school. Entrapping innocent people would result in charges from the police. There's a lot of things that for the sake of the plot he has no consequences happen to him over, but that's just not realistic. Again, huge nitpick but it's worth pointing out because it is annoying.

Definitely in the upper half of origin movies, though this isn't really an origin movie. Speaking of origins, I'll take a look at the god of thunder's origin, Thor, next. So be patient and happy watching!

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