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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Iron Man 3

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

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Oof, this film is a doozy. The Iron Man films are the black sheep of the MCU, all being okay but nothing spectacular. This film follows the trend, ending the trilogy on a medium note. It's at least better than Iron Man 2! That's not saying much though.

This was the first film in a post-Avengers world, so it had a lot of expectations to handle. Plus, Jon Favreau did not return as director, which depending on your personal taste is either a good or bad thing. The stakes felt higher in this film and there's more action than the previous films combined, though the action definitely feels more cartoony. I feel like Shane Black did a decent job, but since he's still relatively new to directing, it makes sense he struggled to make the action realistic.

Surprisingly, the thing I don't have a problem with and actually like the best about this film is the anxious, panic ridden Tony we see. Tony up to this point has been careless, cocky, selfish, and only worried about how to live his life his way. But in this film, we see him suddenly concerned for the greater good and more importantly Pepper, after living through the worst case scenario. He's not sleeping or eating right, he's working himself to death and is just overall a mess. It's the most vulnerable we see him (though I bet he'll be even more vulnerable in Endgame) and it's a nice break from his giant ego.

In my review for Captain Marvel I incorrectly said that that villain was the first twist villain for Marvel, but I'm failing to acknowledge Aldrich Killian as Marvel's true first twist villain. We knew he was evil but we didn't know Ben Kingsley's character was just a pawn and not the true Mandarin. That being said though, his villain still isn't really that great. Killian's motivation is never very clear. It's partially a revenge plot, partially a desire to be a terrorist, partially a political play. Plus, his plan is weird as he has the tools to research and find the hole in his super-soldier formula yet he chooses instead to try and hunt Tony down. It really doesn't make any sense.

Now the most disappointing thing about this movie? The final 10 minutes. Not only is the villain that neither Tony nor Rhodey could defeat taken down by Pepper, but then Tony blows up all his suits and gets surgery to take the arc reactor out of him and fix his heart. None of this means anything as he ends up as Iron Man again in Age of Ultron, yet here we are, still feeling sad as if this is the conclusion to his arc when we all know it isn't.

Honestly this movie really isn't that bad, and it's still more interesting the first two Thor movies or Captain America: The First Avenger. But man do those last 10 minutes make me mad. Rather than move on to Age of Ultron and get pissed off by that mediocracy, we're going to jump to a not so disappointing follow up film, Ant-Man and the Wasp. So remember to be nice to the weird guy you meet in an elevator while drunk and happy watching!

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