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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Iron Man

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The one that started it all. Film numero uno. The original man who's plot line will end with Endgame. There's so much we owe to Jon Favreau, RDJ, and Kevin Feige thanks to this movie. Even if this film still isn't perfect.

It's so funny how this film feels like all the other origin films even when this was the one that came first. Marvel developed a formula thanks to this film that they've used for every other introduction film following it. You have the B-list actor taken and trained to become an action star, placed in a role featuring one of Marvel's lesser characters that's also most likely a science genius to some degree, fighting a villain that's 9/10 times terrible but at least they only stick around one movie, featuring a love interest who is kinda boring but at least they're most likely not a damsel in distress, with a will they/won't they relationship that rivals Ross and Rachel, and ends with at least one end credits scene and a cameo by Nick Fury or another Avenger.

There's been a lot of good casting choices in the MCU over the years but the one choice that has constantly been the clear best choice is Robert Downey Jr. It's not super hard for him to play a playboy billionaire when RDJ is a playboy multi-millionaire but it's still impressive how in character he is. If there is ever an Iron Man remake, it would be impossible to find a replacement that would fit the character better than RDJ does. The moment when he finally gets to reveal himself to the public is such a turning point, and really feels like it's him saying it and not just him reading words off a script.

On the other hand, no one else in this particular installment truly stands out. Gwyneth Paltrow has never been interesting in any of these movies, and Terrance Howard is better at strictly dramatic roles than as a side character who kinda plays the comic relief. Jeff Bridges still is giving a great performance as Obidiah Stane but Stane is such a boring character that even he can't bring charm to it. Even Phil Coulson, who has been proven to be entertaining, is one-note in this film.

Really there's not much else to comment on with this movie. It's the beginning of something beautiful, but it's still quite rough along the edges. Obviously we know Marvel figures it out eventually, so stepping stones. Next is the end of the Iron Man trilogy, Iron Man 3. So jam out to some AC/DC and happy watching!

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