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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Iron Man 2

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Why is Elon Musk in this? Why did Justin Theroux write this script? Why is Tony even more of an ass in this than the last one? WHY IS THIS MOVIE TRASH?

I like to compare this movie to Cars 2 because they're easily the worst films made by their respective companies (ok Marvel's made more trash than this but I'm speaking only about MCU movies) and also the only film by either company to be actually bad, not just by their standards but by film standards. Man is this movie hard to watch and pretend like I care about it.

Let's address the few good things this movie does. As much as I hate to admit it, the story isn't horrible. The villain is terrible but it's not like there's a lot of good Marvel villains. However, Tony going through this realization that he can actually use his technology and powers to do something good besides be a selfish bastard is interesting. Though he doesn't humble up anytime soon, he at least is willing to be part of a team more so than before.

For having to deal with stepping into this already established role, Don Cheadle does a great job as Rhodey/War Machine. The way they address the recast is genius, by having Rhodey himself address it indirectly in his first scene. And he acts as the perfect Ying to Tony's Yang.

Jon Favreau gets a good chance to show off as Happy in this film. Unfortunately, I think he spent too much time focused on the acting part of his job and not the directing in this film. Happy is a great comic relief character, but if it takes away from the overall quality of the film, it's not worth it.

Now let's dive in and tear this film a new one. First off, the Pepper/Tony dynamic in this film is not good at all. Although Tony giving the company to Pepper is a smart choice, the way he's still pulling the strings from the background and also lying to her about his deteriorating condition is just so terrible.

Though like I said before, Marvel isn't known for good villains, the combo of Whiplash and Justin Hammer is bizarre and doesn't fit in well with Tony's personal conflict in the film. The whole point of the film is Tony is trying to figure out how to keep himself alive while also living his life the way he wants in case he does die. So why are you having a villain who wants to replicate his technology? That just encourages him to continue to be reckless and not solve the problem.

The addition of the Avengers subplot is necessary as we're still in Phase 1 and need to build up to that climax, but the way they introduce Natasha/Black Widow is so not fair to the character. Over the years she's evolved past just being a leather clad set of boobs, but that's all she's portrayed as in this film. Tony constantly over-sexualizes her, even after he's discovered who she really is, and even Pepper belittles her when she's Tony's new assistant.

Also, Tony pisses himself in the suit. Thats all you need to know why this movie is trash.

I can't say this is the worst movie of all time but it's easy to say this is the worst movie of the MCU. So of course I'm going to follow this up by watching Thor: The Dark World next. Pray for me and happy watching!

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