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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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I mean, out of all the part 2 movies, this is the second best one. Really the only part 2 movie that beats this is Winter Soldier. Then again, to beat Thor: The Lost World, Age of Ultron, or Iron Man 2 isn't hard. Overall, it's middle of the row for Marvel.

Vol. 2 picks back up an unspecified portion of time after the first one, with the group acting as a gang for hire. The team clearly unlearned all the team building from the first one, as Rocket is still stealing stuff and putting all the guardians in danger, Drax is now the overly-sexual comic relief for some reason, and Gamora is very demanding. It's a very strange dynamic considering they were all on good terms at the end of the last film. Though they all end up back together united in the end, it doesn't feel the same way it did in the first film.

I may get some flack for saying this, but I truly prefer the first film's soundtrack to this. I think Mr. Blue Sky is easily the best song solely because of Baby Groot dancing around during the opening fight to that song. But overall, I don't get the same feeling about this movie that I did in the last one when it comes to the music. The Zune joke at the end was beautiful though.

The entire comedic tone has changed, focused on more physical comedy than anything else. You have Rocket not knowing how to wink properly, Drax being a wrecking ball, everything with Mantis, Groot running around during the opening fight and running away with the detonator, and a bunch of other smaller moments. It's not bad, but when it was very snarky and more aiming for more sarcasm and insults in the last one, it's a strange change.

There's more drama involved in this film thanks to the conflict of Peter's two dads, Ego and Yondu. Kurt Russell is easily the best part of this film just because he's Kurt Russell. There isn't really much else to say about Ego except it's refreshing to see Russell playing a villain. But Michael Rooker gets more to do in this film, giving him to show us how good Michael Rooker is, not that we didn't already know that. Yondu has a redeeming arc after he is humiliated in public by another Ravenger group, gets attacked and stripped of his captain title and forced to team up with the people he was chasing down. There's some true character development that Rooker pulls off excellently.

It's still a solid movie, but I wouldn't call this great. There's some great supporting performances, and though the comedy has changed, it's not bad. But, the overall dynamic with the group really doesn't work for a sequel and with the music being the heart and soul of this particular series, I thought it would be more meaningful.

Now, to end off today's viewing, we'll try and swallow some Ed Norton in The Incredible Hulk. So you all keep being Mary Poppins and happy watching!

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