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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Guardians of the Galaxy

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I don't blame Joss Whedon for struggling with Age of Ultron. Not only did he have to come after Winter Soldier, it also came after this diamond in the rough. This is easily the most fun of all the movies, it just has a completely different feel to it than any of the previous films. But, isn't that the way to go with a gang consisting of an adopted daughter of Thanos, a guy who doesn't understand figures of speech, a cocky half human, a laboratory experiment gone wrong, and a sentient tree?

Now let's get the obvious plus out of the way, yes the soundtrack is great and iconic. Look, we're all nostalgic for the 80's, even the people who weren't born in the 80's. This is why things like It and Stranger Things have faired so well.

Out of all of the Phase 2 movies, this one is definitely the most rough when it comes to the world building, as there's a lot of more unknown territory going into space. Not to say that we don't get a good picture of the world outside our own, but to say it's easy to understand would be lying. There are definitely some moments that work better than others, but to break down these worlds for non-comic book fans seems impossible.

James Gunn clearly knows what he's doing though because he makes it as fun and entertaining to watch as possible. This is one of the few movies that does exposition right by making it funny and witty while still getting the important points across. The prison check in scene is the funniest scene in this whole movie, no doubt, because of this. But that's saying something in a movie with SO many great, quotable moments.

The one good thing about this movie on rewatch now is how things make a lot more sense knowing Gamora's backstory from Infinity War and the Kree conflict from Captain Marvel. Most of the confusing moments get cleared up thanks to this, but of course in 2014 we didn't know what was coming forward.

I think what works best in this movie is how the characters feel like a team full of a-holes that got stuck together. It's a tired trope, but in this movie it doesn't feel as overdone. The casting is what really sells it.

Zoe Saldana proved herself in the Star Trek series to kick some serious butt and rocks it as Gamora. Chris Pratt is obviously great at comedy, but he's proven himself to be leading man material with this and the Jurassic World franchise. Vin Diesel being casts as a tree that says only three words is easily the weirdest casting in this franchise but it works. You need muscle to play Drax so Dave Bautista definitely fits the bill, but it turns out he's great comic relief too. And lastly, who knew Bradley Cooper could be a snarky, alcoholic, tech genius?

There's definitely some low beats in this movie, but it's above average. It's a shame that Guardians 2 isn't as good. Speaking of, check in for my next entry on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! So steal a prosthetic leg and happy watching!

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