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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Captain Marvel

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While everyone is out here saying Ant-Man climbing up Thanos’ butt is going to save the world, Captain Marvel introduces us to the true hero: Goose the Cat. Ok, maybe not, but he does survive the snap and we all know he’s got some super powers of his own. Oh, and Carol Danvers probably will help too. If Nick Fury used his last dying moments to call her, she’s probably gonna be useful. No wonder Marvel waited to introduce us to her until after Infinity War premiered.

Bree Larson is snarky, kick-ass, stubborn, and most importantly, human. Carol is a very interesting character as she’s fighting in a war she doesn’t understand, while she barely knows who she is. The Kree have brainwashed her into being their super-weapon, yet she knows there’s something off about the story being told. Larson brings so much complexity to the role and you can see the conflict in her. She's clearly skilled since she's in the Air Force, so before she even got powers she was bad-ass. But she's clearly the most powerful Avenger now.

Fury is great in every film, but getting to see a young Fury who’s still naive and doesn’t know all the answers is such a fun look. He's still a newbie to SHIELD and has a lot to learn before he becomes the Nick Fury we see in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The origin story for his eyepatch is also pretty hilarious. Plus, the chemistry between him and Danvers is electric. He may start being afraid of her, but once he realizes the things she's saying are true, he wants to follow her around and learn more about the world around him. He's fascinated by her and she is willing to educate him to help Earth grow and help their forces adapt to protect themselves. You can see that even in press junkets with Larson and Samuel L Jackson. They have such a good rep-our and I want a buddy cop movie starring them.

There’s not always a good villain in every Marvel film, but usually you know going in who’s gonna end up kicking ass. Captain Marvel breaks that up by giving us a twist villain, though that concept is nothing new to Disney overall. We’re slightly familiar with the Kree from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, but here we get to see who they truly are: a race focused on conquering the galaxy. They work with Ronan, so obviously they can’t be that good. The best villains are the ones who are so delusional that they’re the good guys, you can’t help but feel bad for them, and although they might not be Marvel’s best villain overall, they have their place in the top tier.

Since this is the last film to premiere before Endgame, this is the perfect time to revisit where it all began, in that cave in the Middle East in Iron Man. So, don't trust flugens and happy watching!

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