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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Captain America: The First Avenger

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Not going to lie, this is disappointing to watch after Winter Soldier. By no means is this a bad movie, but it is boring. The problem with the majority of these Phase 1 movies is they have to set up these characters so the non comic fans can follow along and understand, while still setting up the pieces they need to for The Avengers.

Unrelated note to anything, I'm also now realizing they use the same font for the credits in every movie.

There's still a lot to like about this movie. Steve's spirit is admirable and sweet, wanting to just do the right thing. He is clearly best pick for this experiment. The serum can only change a soldier's outside, not his inside. This is definitely a change for Chris Evans who jumps from playing cocky Johnny Storm to playing the humble Steve Rodgers.

Howard Stark is entertaining, even if he's portrayed to be a horrible father in the Iron Man franchise. Maybe that's because Dominic Cooper has the charisma to pull it off. He's only a side character, but every time he's in it he's enjoyable. Same with Tommy Lee Jones.

Hayley Atwell is wonderful, and plays a kick-ass Peggy Carter. It's sad that she never really got another chance to shine on the big screen, because Peggy is such an interesting character to explore. But hey, Agent Carter existed for a little.

Now let's talk about the not so great things, like Hugo Weaving. Look, I know he's played a bunch of villains, but it really feels like he's phoning it in. Red Skull isn't intimidating. He got defeated by Cap so fast in the final fight so clearly he's not exactly tough. He's only intimidating because he has the Tesseract and killed a few people with it. The Red Skull we see in Infinity War is more intimidating.

I know this movie only exists to set up Avengers but can we at least pretend like this is a stand alone film? Out of all of these films this one is the most bogged down by that, mainly because this one has to set up more than just Avengers. There's no way they went into this not having an idea of what was to come next, so they had to make some big moves, like killing off Bucky, hinting at the establishment of SHIELD, explaining the Tesseract, and of course, freezing Cap and sending him to 2012. But man would I have loved to see more of them taking down the different factories rather than just one fun montage, or more development of Peggy and Steve's relationship, or even more war room talk.

Speaking of, the action we do see is great, like the invasion of the Hydra hideout to rescue the captured soldiers, the battle right after he gets injected with the serum and the train takeover, but man there's so much action that just got cut down to a montage. Maybe the main reason this film is so boring is because there's only a few action set pieces. Plus, it's much slower than some of the other movies are. Another minor pet peeve is I hate the colors in this film. I know the whole point of the cool, darker color scheme is to portray the 1940's as the war-torn era it was, but it just makes everything seem so down and depressing, when Captain America is suppose to be this beacon of hope.

There is definitely the base for a good movie here, but unfortunately, it gets bogged down due to set up. The only good thing about this movie is the two movies it spawned directly: Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thank god my next movie is Guardians of the Galaxy, so I can cheer myself up after this dark and gloomy mess. With that, hail hydra and happy watching!

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