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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Captain America: Civil War

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And now, we've moved on to the Russo Brothers' official watchlist before Endgame. Funny how both films are also made by them, but then again, these films are the biggest players in what happens next. The divide caused by this film is the reason they fail in Infinity War. But even with that, it's still a pretty good installment.

The obvious part to praise and call out is the airport scene as the scale is comparable to an actual Avengers film. Though the fight itself it more of a sparring session than an actual battle, it's still fun to watch. Plus, the introduction of Black Panther and Spider-Man is exciting to see as well. The real fight to praise though is the one between Bucky, Steve and Tony at the end. This battle is truly friends turned into enemies and is painful yet exhilarating to watch. At the end, we know they eventually have to make up, but it leaves the question of what will it take for their relationship to heal in Endgame? Steve defending the man who killed Tony's parents is a hard crime to forgive.

Zemo's plan is ridiculous, but in the end, he accomplishes his goal. He has so many pieces that shouldn't work but because movie logic, it does. He isn't the best villain, but to say he's unsuccessful would be a lie. He is able to drive a wedge between Tony and Steve, the unofficial leaders, which then leads to all the Avengers having to pick sides. The team can't fight together if they're divided, so he got the greatest form of revenge on them.

It's easy to praise the leads just because they're the ones who get the most attention but Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans truly are giving it their all this time around. The fight isn't one-sided, there's so many factors leading into why they make the decisions they make this film, and RDJ and Evans lay all their cards on the table. Everyone knows why Steve and Tony pick the side they do, and it's not just one reason why they go on the side. There's even a point where they both understand why the other picked the side they're on, but they still can't bring themselves to acknowledge the other side has a point. Instead, they both dig their heels in the ground and refuse to shift, which is exactly what both characters have been known for in the past.

This film does have a lot going on, but unlike Age of Ultron, it handles it a lot better as it ties everything back to the original story line while also making sure all loose ends get tied up by the end, with the exception of Spider-Man, but his own movie needs something to do since it's not a true origin story. Now, last but not least, we got the big doozy as my final film in my watch marathon. Get ready for Avengers: Infinity War and the snappening people. So, protect Bucky and happy watching!

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