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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Black Panther

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Phase 3 movies have truly been a gift. We finally got Spider-Man in the MCU, the epic hero vs. hero film we deserved, Marvel's first female super hero film and of course, the highest grossing movie domestically in the year Infinity War came out that became the cultural phenomenon and inspiration to so many people. Let alone the fact that it might be Marvel's best movie in terms of quality.

The magic of Black Panther comes from the cast and crew focused on being the character to life as accurately as possible. The world of Wakanda feels like it exists in our world, hidden away somewhere in Central Africa, because of how based in real culture these tribes are. The crew worked to not only create this world by combining African tribes, but also by honoring those tribes properly. It's colorful, unique looking and something different any other film in the MCU.

There's a joke going around that Chadwick Boseman has a lock on all the black cultural icons, but the man is killing it regardless. We already saw him bring dignity and even a bit of swagger to the role in Civil War, but he truly gets to shine and show off his talent. Unlike most of the heroes in the MCU, T'Challa hardly jokes around so he shows off his dramatic skills and the work he put into becoming a kick-ass hero.

The real star of this film is easily Michael B. Jordan. A girl broke her retainer over her thirst for him, so of course he gets the shining star award. Killmonger is the most nuanced Marvel villain and honestly one of the best villains in film ever. Not only is he absolutely terrifying, but his argument is actually correct. He may be going about it in a violent and unnecessary way, but he was trying to make the world a better place while his ancestors chose to ignore the rest of the world. He's even able to change T'challa's mind in the end because he is in the right, though his method isn't. Good villains are able to still be clearly evil and terrifying while also demonstrating that their main point is the correct idea.

This film also needs a huge should out of the soundtrack. While the Guardians of the Galaxy films have a great throwback soundtrack, this film had all original music written for it that truly captures the magic in each scene, and the credits song "All the Stars" has to be one of the best of last year. Rap may not be everyone's thing but when it comes to this soundtrack you can't help but enjoy everything because it just gives you the same emotion you felt during the appropriate scene.

Lastly, though the story isn't exactly the most fleshed out in moments, it's more structured than many of the origin films. Marvel has a problem with its endings and usually has it end in a giant battle while also tying up subplots we forgot existed, and this movie isn't free from that. But outside of that, the film is still strong from start to finish.

There's so much to say about this movie and the impact it will leave on film. The comic book industry needed a film to help get the traditional film world to take them seriously, and I think this was the one. So naturally, let's jump to the film that came before this that may not have had as big of a cultural impact, since we've seen so much of Spiderman over the past 19 years, but had a big impact on the business side of all this: Spiderman: Homecoming. So remember Wakanda forever and happy watching!

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