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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Avengers: Endgame Theories

So, now that I've reached the end of the formal marathon, I wanna end this with my theories on what happens to end this all. I want to be open though, so please know that these theories are based on previous information and other theories, nothing based on spoilers. I had certain parts of the film spoiled for me thanks to social media so I know if my theories are or are not correct, but I am not going to reveal that because I want everyone else to go in blank. They also don't contribute to my theories, so don't worry, my theories have not changed because of the spoilers. Just know that going forward, these are in depth ideas of what happens in the film, but this does not mean that anything below actually happens in the film.

Let's talk the big thing on everyone's mind: who dies? Everyone's money is on Cap or Iron Man, and I do think one of them dies, but someone else dies that we're not thinking of. In terms of the original six Avengers, let's split them into 2 teams: franchise exclusive and non-exclusive. The exclusives are those who do not have their own movies, so Hulk (Incredible Hulk doesn't count since that doesn't really affect the MCU at all), Black Widow and Hawkeye. The non-exclusives are the ones with their own individual franchises outside of the Avengers, so Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. My theory is that one person from both groups dies. We know that out of the non-exclusives, it's going to be either Tony or Steve. I think, based on his character arc, it will be Steve who dies in Endgame. He started out as a man willing to lay down his life to save his country, but as the franchise went on, he started to worry more about his friends and himself than the world as a whole. What makes this character though is his origin story, as his golden heart comes from him being willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. If they wanted to end his arc correctly, he needs to lay down his life to save the world.

But, he won't be the only original six to go. I'll admit this theory isn't mine, Film Theory was the one who came up with this, but Black Widow laying down her life too actually makes sense. She says it herself she has a lot of red on her ledger that she wants to wipe out. Wouldn't sacrificing her life to save the world clear that out? She has a complicated life of being an assassin for the KGB, then ends up indirectly working for Hydra too as a SHIELD spy. To clean her conscious, sacrificing her life would be the best thing for her to do. Something tells me she'll have a death like Gamora's, not specifically that she'll sacrifice herself for the Soul Stone, but that she'll die before the final fight while hunting down the stones. Maybe she becomes a victim of the Aether when they look for the Reality Stone?

The other big question is exactly how will the heroes defeat Thanos? Based on the changing of everyone's looks in the trailers, we're talking about time travel. I don't know how, though I'm assuming it will be involving the Quantum Realm, since that's Ant-Man and Captain Marvel's specialties. But the biggest guess is that they'll be going back in time trying to find all 6 stones before Thanos does so they can control the power instead to defeat him. Unfortunately, I'm not super knowledgable about the Quantum Realm, so I don't know how the time travel will work in that. But, based on shots from set, they revisit some of the iconic moments throughout the MCU to take the stones from them, like the Battle of New York, Karar-Taj, The Collector's building and Asgard.

Obviously, these are just predictions, but maybe some of these will be revealed to be true. Well, I'll be finding out shortly as I'm about to enter my screening of Endgame. So, let's see how long it takes me to cry. Whatever it takes, happy watching!


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