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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Avengers: Age of Ultron

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So this is it, the beginning of the end. With this film, we get the reveal of the mind stone and the creation of Vision, the true first mention of "the endgame", the first expansion on the Avengers roster, and what most likely is the first preview of the end of everyone's character arc, but that's just a guess. Though this isn't on the Russo Brothers' watchlist to prep for Endgame, it still has a lot of the building blocks that lead into Civil War and Infinity War.

Unlike Avengers, this film clearly has a lot more roles it had to play in setting up Phase 3, so it has a lot more subplots that unfortunately don't get a true ending. It leads to the story being jumpy and rough at times. Between Tony and Steve arguing over preventing wars versus waiting for them, Clint's family, Natasha and Bruce's romance, Thor's dream, and obviously the Ultron plotline, there's too much for one movie.

The performances are spectacular though. James Spader as Ultron is terrifying even if it’s just a vocal performance. Standouts among the Avengers are Steve, Natasha and Thor as they have to face their demons while atill working to fight with the team. Tony also does this, but his demons inspire him to build Ultron, so he’s not exactly on the good side. The introduction of Hawkeye’s family is an interesting idea and does help make him more understandable and relatable, but it doesn’t do much else for his character. Another standout is Wanda, as she grows the most. She not only deals with her grief driving her to change the world, but she sees Stark as the enemy and holds the grudge even when he’s changed sides and become the good guy now. But she then realizes Ultron’s true plan and how she’s working for the wrong team.

Joss Whedon’s directing is still spectacular even if there’s a lot to handle. The story is messy but the shots are not. Though there’s a lot going on, he’s able to at least connect some of it and make it smoother through his directing. Everything’s simpler and calm, while the action looks big and bright in comparison.

This film is the biggest suffer of Kevin Feige’s plan, as it gets bogged down by too many subplots. But, even through all that, there’s pieces that remind us of the Avengers film that came before this. There’s still some good in here, with good performances, great action and a pretty solid villain. Now, let’s start on the Russo Brothers‘ list with Captain America: Civil War, on the magical day itself. So I hope you saw that coming, and happy watching!

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