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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Ant-Man and the Wasp

Read up on my marathon rules here

The Ant-Man films are such a weird but fun break from the rest of the high stakes in the MCU. Not to say that they don't have their own high stakes, but these films really are enjoyable and they're definitely more comedy based than a lot of the other movies. Then again, this film is much more serious than the first Ant-Man was.

The action and effects have definitely improved since the first film. We only got a glimpse of the Quantum Realm before but the design and world behind it is mystical. Microorganisms, the quantum void, the mind tripping that occurs when you spend too much time there are all so intriguing. In terms of bigger things, the shrinking/growing with the lab, Hank's car collection and big Ant-Man leads to some great comedic moments. Plus, Scott trying to deal with going so big is such an interesting conflict as he doesn't truly understand the ramifications besides that it tires him out. The "chase the lab" plot was a bit ridiculous as the ownership changed so much that it became silly. But outside of that, the effects have definitely grown and improved in a great way to help with storytelling and comedic moments.

Phase 3 has introduced more and more sympathetic villains, and Ava, aka Ghost is no exception. She is in constant pain due to an accident she suffered thanks to her father trying to do research after being fired due to Hank's massive ego. She blames them for her condition, and she's right to do so. She just want to live, willing to do whatever it takes so she can stay alive for longer. Even in the end, the heroes realize she is just a girl in pain looking for a solution, and and even Jane, a woman who Ava tried to kill, was willing to donate her power to her if that meant she got some more time. These more complex villains are helping make films that would only be average if they had weaker villains.

Paul Rudd continues to be fantastic and honestly the best part of whatever scene he's in. Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd is really the funniest part of this film. He just brings charm and wit to every scene, and him trying to balance hero work with being a good father is so cute and heartwarming. Whether or not he truly fits as Scott Lang, he fits perfectly in the MCU as leading comic relief.

This is probably in the top half of Marvel sequels but to say it's great would be lying. It still has some major story issues, and it's a bit hard to follow at times. But it's fun and interesting, which after Infinity War, that's 100% needed.

Now if you've been counting, you'll know there's 3 movies left on my watch list, and they're the three movies that play the most into Endgame and its story. So for these, we'll go into chronological order to finish it out. So keep an eye out for my post on Age of Ultron, and happy watching!

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