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Beth's Blockbuster Blog: MCU Marathon - Ant-Man

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Maybe I should organize these and go from smallest to biggest hero. I'm on the right track starting with Scott Lang.

Ant-Man is an interesting choice to end Phase 2 out with, as the film preceding this in the time line is Age of Ultron. He doesn't really scream superhero until the end of this film, once he's completed his transformation. Not in the way you could automatically see Tony Stark or Steve Rodgers becoming one. He's skilled, even if his skill is robbing (or "burglary" as Scott himself puts it) and he has heart. But he's very down to earth.

Maybe that's just because you have Paul Rudd playing Paul Rudd in this so he comes across as casual and not very serious. Yet, having a man who usually plays the comic relief be the comedic lead in an action movie makes this very enjoyable. Not that we didn't just see that with Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. It also doesn't hurt that Rudd got to join in on the writers room for this, so he probably got to design Scott to be exactly who he wanted him to be.

The one thing about this movie I question is how much of the script was done by Edgar Wright? He was the original director and did write a script with Joe Cornish before leaving due to creative differences. I'm a huge fan of Wright's work and I definitely see aspects that remind me of him in it, such as the final fight taking place to a The Cure song. But you can tell this had been rewritten as the jumps between drama and comedy are very sudden. Best example of this is Scott interrupting Hope and Hank's reconciliation moment, which though makes some sense with the character, feels out of place with how important that moment is to their relationship.

This isn't to discount Peyton Reed's work, because it's hard to make a fight happening on a Thomas the Tank Engine train set exciting, or make people sympathize with ants. He came in and definitely did a great job with the film, but especially after seeing what Taiki Waititi was able to do to the Thor franchise in Thor: Ragnorok, it just makes me wonder what an Edgar Wright Marvel movie would've looked like.

Overall, a solid entry film for Marvel. It hits the same beats every other first solo film hit because Marvel just has a formula for this now, but it's in the middle in terms of entry films. It's still better than most of the Phase 1 entry films at least!

In case you want to join along with me, my next film will be Captain America: The Winter Solider. So let's go subatomic and happy watching!

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