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Beth’s Blockbuster Blog - Avengers: Endgame

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

It all ends here. 21 movies and 11 years of story telling, and finally, the Russo Brothers take us to the end of the Infinity Saga. I didn't think they could top what they did with Infinity War, and yet they managed to do so.

For those who want just my opinion without any specifics, I can't say that I loved every minute of it, but this is truly the finale this series deserved. It's just fun and exciting and makes you feel like a five year old watching this. However, this film is going to make over two billion dollars whether it's good or not, so does it really matter what I think?

Warning: Below are minor non-story specific spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. If you've seen the film and want a more in depth review, you can check that out here.

I want to get my big complaint out of the way first, so I can just praise the rest of this movie after. The original six Avengers all get custom arcs that end their storylines, but one of them feel unfair. Every one of the original six Avengers besides them gets a fair arc that truly fits their character and brings peace to their ending, yet this arc is mostly treated as a joke. This film was truly the original six back together like old times, so they should've had a more satisfying arc, even if their personal ending is fitting.

Ok, now that the nitpick is out of the way, let's talk about everything else. This is the love letter Marvel fans deserve for their dedication and loyalty over the past 11 years. I'll fully admit rewatching all 21 Marvel movies prior to this was actually useful, as so many touches were added in to callback to the past. The musical motifs especially were emotional, as many pieces of music from these films have become iconic and recognizable, not just the Avengers theme.

Just like with Infinity War, there’s so many good performances even though it’s an ensemble film, it’s hard to call out one in particular. The two strongest performances though have to be Robert Downey Jr. in, assuming he doesn’t renew his contract, his final performance as Iron Man and Karen Gillan as Nebula. For RDJ, he gives it his all and takes Tony’s transformation in this movie seriously, making his growth as a character feel natural. Gillan has always been a great part of the Guardians films but she gets an individual chance to shine to also show her growth over the films. Nebula is a complex character who switched sides but is still questioning who she is loyal to, and Gillan gets to show that off and the extent of her acting talent.

The scale this film is on something that we’ll probably never see again in our lifetime. There’s so many epic set pieces and fights that there’s nothing you can really compare this to. The action is so big and dramatic it justifies being seen in a unique format like IMAX, 3D or something else. It takes what we love about these films and stretches it out for 3 hours so we have enough time to say goodbye to the characters we love.

My opinion of the film may change once the intial hype wave fades, but without a doubt is this a fitting ending for this arc. Whether you’ve seen one or 21 MCU films, this film is everyone letting the fans know they’ve enjoyed this journey just as much as we have.

Rating: Three and a half out of four stars.

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